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  • Promaster PRO Charger (Fuji/Kodak/Pentax) #3028
This charger is compatible with most Fuji/Kodak/Pentax point-and-shoot camera batteries


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EAN: 029144030285
SKU: 3028
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Delivery time: 1-2 days
Brand: Promaster

The ProMaster TRAVELER + LITHIUM ION BATTERY CHARGER is a versatile, compact, go anywhere charger for your Li-ION digital camera and camcorder batteries. The Traveler + charger features a built in switching power supply that can be powered from either 110v - 240v AC or 12V DC (optional DC power cord required) for true worldwide compatibility. Combined with the USB power output port and its compact size, it makes a PERFECT solution for those on the go or to use at home. The ProMaster Traveler + charger is available in models to fit most Li-ION digital camera batteries.

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