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  • Promaster Unplugged TTL400 2-Light Kit
  • Promaster Unplugged TTL400 2-Light Kit
  • Promaster Unplugged TTL400 2-Light Kit
  • Promaster Unplugged TTL400 2-Light Kit
Promaster is breaking new ground with their battery operated 400 watt second monolights. These make the perfect addition to any photographers arsenal for in the field, or the studio.


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Brand: Promaster

The PROMASTER UNPLUGGED TTL400 MONOLIGHT is a high-powered strobe light which takes full advantage of your camera's advanced TTL system. Its beautiful quality of light, combined with an extensive range of optional light modifiers (S-mount), give you remarkable creative lighting control. Battery power means freedom... the freedom to use your Unplugged light just about anywhere. Or you can add the optional AC Adapter Kit (product 6852) for constant power in a studio setting. Great photography begins with terrific light and the Unplugged TTL400 will illuminate your world!

This kit includes a variety of accessories to get you started, including light stands, reflectors, and a rolling case for transport and storage. A TTL transmitter, sold separately, will open the advanced features and capabilities of the lights.


- TTL control with exposure compensation
- Multi flash mode (Multi / RPT)
- HSS mode - high-speed sync.
- Manual mode (1/128 to 1 stop in 1/3 increments)
- 15 Channels with 99 IDs
- A,B, and C Groups with ratio control
- Modeling light control (on/off & intensity)
- Audible alarm function (on or off)
- FEB flash exposure bracketing mode
- USB firmware upgradeable

A compatible Unplugged TTL Transmitter is required for features beyond manual control.

Availability of some features is camera-model dependent

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